Invest in the Right Vacuum Cleaner

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Finding the right vacuum cleaner is crucial for every homeowner. When you invest in a vacuum, you want it to be something durable, powerful and dependable. Aerus has multiple product lines for you to choose from, all equipped with industry-leading technology.

We have a wide range of upright vacuums to fit anyone's needs. Get yours today by contacting our team in Denville, NJ.

Lux Line of Canister Vacuums

Since 1924, our canister vacuum cleaners have been the standard of quality and performance. The Lux line of canisters by Aerus continues that tradition, all the way down to the bullet shape. Lux vacuum cleaners operate with cyclonic suction, and high efficiency filters.

Lux Line of Upright Vacuums

The Lux line of upright vacuums by Aerus inherited the same high quality, durable characteristics of our canister predecessors. The Lux upright vacuum line was designed for ease of use, best-in-class performance and long-lasting operation. Available in both residential and commercial styles, the Lux line of upright vacuums makes cleaning easy.