A multitude of homes and businesses experience the benefits of ActivePure® Technology every day and have come to depend on our honesty and service. Our satisfied customers rely on the protection provided by Beyond by Aerus and ActivePure® Technology to safeguard their environments from harmful airborne and surface contaminants.

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors' offices
  • Schools
  • Athletic facilities
  • Liberty Bell
  • Ground Zero Museum
  • Homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hotels
  • Businesses

* Based on earlier ActivePure® Technology. Does not apply to current Beyond by Aerus products.

I enjoyed my experience with Rich on getting a new vacuum. My old vacuum was 17 years old and after Rich told me how much I would need to spend to get my old one up to speed I decided to buy a new one plus I got a trade in on my old one. Great service and I like knowing I can still buy an Electrolux under the Aerus name, the best vacuum ever!!

Michele Morristown

My brother related to you the amazing results I've had in my first week with the beyond air air purifier... I have asthma and COPD and every evening when I walk through my home to go to my bedroom, I have to sit down and use my rescue inhaler to be able to breathe before I can get into bed. however the first evening that I had the beyond air purifier running I was able to walk to my room and not use the rescue inhaler... That is truly amazing to me... It has been many years since I have been able to walk freely through my home without the use Of an inhaler... It has now been five days, and I have not used my rescue inhaler once in all those days, your product is truly a lifesaver. Thank you.


Eustis, Florida

I have had my Beyond Guardian Air and Angel since 2016. I have very bad allergies and I recently realized that I don't sneeze all the time like I use to. I took medications like Singulair all the time and still use to suffer from runny noses and sneezing before. The air in my home is noticeably fresher and cleaner since the Beyond Guardian Air was installed.


Mine Hill, NJ

Thank you Rich. I just wanted to let you know that there is a noticeable difference in the air in our home. I have asthma. Even though we have a air filtration system working in our HVAV it wasn't doing the job. After the Beyond being on for a half day I had my first complete night's sleep in a few years. I appreciate all the care you showed us. Hopefully you will be able to help others who have asthma.


Rockaway, NJ

For any customer who is interested in the Aerus air purifiers, ll I can say is FANTASTIC!!! They are so quiet and keep the air so clean, it is amazing and I don't know how we lived without ours. We have the larger one in the kitchen and the cooking smells are all but eliminated. The smaller unit in the bedroom upstairs is amazing. I am so pleased. I have had much fewer allergic reactions than before and would recommend your air purifiers to anyone who shows any interest.


Franklin Lakes, NJ

I am very happy with my air purification products! The small/round one in our bedroom helps to lessen the accumulation of dust in our bedroom....the sound from the machine has become a white noise for us....miss it when the power is out! The sleeve that sits on the outside of the unit is always a good testament to dust and pollen attracted to the unit. The larger unit is very good at reducing smells in the house in the winter time....and dust along with pollen when windows are open. If I could....I would put a whole house unit in! I greatly recommend purchasing air purifiers....the two I own are well made!


Montague, NJ

I suffer from environmental allergies and use a purifier in every room of house. When the sun beams through the windows, I never see clusters of dust mites flying around like in every other house. I also sneeze everywhere I go except for in my own house. Overall appearance, soft gentle cobalt blue light on the smaller purifier makes it look modern, also has a gentle hum that is soothing in a sense. The tall unit also, modern appearance, blends in the living room, even more quieter than the smaller units. I have a 10 month old son, so there is a Diaper Genie in the living room. The diaper genie holds all the smelly diapers and you would never know it was full of, you know what, because of the purifier. My son also likes to come home from daycare with bugs and cooties. My other friends are constantly sick because of their children in daycare, I have been sick only once in half a year. I truly believe it to be from my purifier. And boy, does my little guy love the hum, sleeps soundly next to it every night. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and would absolutely recommend getting this product. You also get email reminders from Aerus when to clean the filter!


East Hanover, NJ

I have owned AERUS air purification and filtration products since 2009 and Electrolux vacuum cleaners since the 1990's. I have a variety of different sized air filtration units depending on location within our two level home, shop, vacation trailer and work. My wife and I routinely would get severe winter time colds and spring summer allergies due to the pollen and molds that previously entered our home untreated. Since incorporating the AERUS portable systems we have all but eliminated these annual illnesses. We have Golden Retrievers and a cat all of whom shed large amounts of fur and dander. When I perform periodic cleaning of the AERUS systems I see all that dog hair trapped in the outer filter areas that normally would be floating around the air we breathe. I have recommended AERUS products to friends and customers over the years and in every case they report back positive results for the cleaner air that they breath and that their homes smell cleaner. They like the fact that the units run quietly 24/7 and need only routine quick vacuuming or annual filter changes. The service that we receive from AERUS of Denville is top notch. I can order new filters, vacuum cleaner bags over the phone, via email or on the website. If I have a problem they will pick up my systems just like they have done for years with our two Electrolux vacuum cleaners. If I go to their retail outlet on Route 53 in Denville I find a family atmosphere where walk-in traffic feels at home and the customers are always complementing the owners about their service or the value in the deals that they offer. All agree that you cannot compare the commercially available air filter products offered at cut rate prices by the typically big box and department stores. Their 5 year warranty and no questions asked service policy as well as available loaner products when your air filter or vacuum cleaner needs repair that cannot be done during your visit really make a difference.

Don and Cathy

Hopatcong, NJ

I purchased the air purifier about 4 yrs ago if I'm not mistaken. The reason was due to the fact that I have COPD. Not only does it clean and purify the air but it definitely helps with my breathing. I also liked the ultraviolet light because of its viral and bacteria killing capabilities. Getting sick can be very detrimental to my health. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested. Thanks and a PS. Your customer service has been second to none. Thanks Again.


Pompton Lakes, NJ

We own a Guardian Air Beyond Air Purifier. We have had it since the middle of January 2017. When James brought it in and set it up with in 15 minutes we noticed a difference in the air. The lady that helps me clean once a month noticed a difference when she was cleaning the first time she was there after installed. She has asthma and is allergic to cats (which we have one) and she was not bothered by the cat like she has been in the past. I really think it is helping us.


Ringwood, NJ

Love my air purifier! I wake up in the morning with less congestion. Make sure you remember to clean out the intake. Mine was facing my closet and I didn't notice. I was shocked how dirty but delighted that the purifier caught all of it. Easy clean up with vacuum and so glad to have a cleaner house!


Denville, NJ

These units were purchased prior to me assuming my current position. I have since continued to use them and replace filters/bulbs as needed. We currently have three of these units, two of which are located adjacent to highly sensitive equipment in order to eliminate any airborne issues from affecting the machines.

Toms River PD

I must say that I do love the system! I have not seen ANY dust on the first floor, I noticed that even the TV does not collect any more dust on the screen. Now that in itself is amazing. I always has to dust it everyday. I notice that it cleans the air as well. Especially, since the kitchen is on the first level (ranch style house) and there is no exhaust fan. Another thing I noticed was that my cat was having some sort of skin allergy problems for the past couple of years and now the sores are almost all healed. My neighbor is thinking of purchasing one as well.


Parsippany, NJ

I would highly recommend the air purifier system. My daughter suffers from allergies, and we also have a large German Shepherd in the house. We put a small unit in both my daughter's and son's bedrooms, and her symptoms decreased considerably. We also have one large unit in our family room and I love knowing it is filtering/cleaning the air. Seems to also keep the dust to a minimum! I have known Rich for over 20 years and trust him completely, and when he recommended it, it was a done deal!


Whippany, NJ

I purchased a Beyond Guardian Air last May. It is wonderful and I can not live without it. I usually get sick in the winter but I did not get the flu this year. Since I had this put into my home I can think and move better, and I have more stamina and energy. I am retired and had an accident last year. I feel that it helped me heal faster. My dog likes it too. He lays down in front of it. I use to keep a studio the basement but now I paint upstiars so I can be on the same level as the air purifier. My life has been improved due to the Air purifier.


Mine Hill, NJ

My Daughter came home from work within the first hour it was running and noticed a difference before she even knew we had the Beyond. It works great on both pet dander and odors. I have recommended the Beyond to my friends at work.


Rivervale, NJ

I recently purchased a Beyond Guardian Air Purifier from Rich and Lisa, and I couldn't be happier. My husband has a compromised immune system and I wanted a product that would kill germs, bacteria, and viruses in the air and on surfaces. The machine is very quiet, the quality of the air seems to be better, and I feel confident about the quality of product. Rich and Lisa are great to do business with and I would definitely recommend this product. I've also owned a Lux Legacy canister vacuum for several years now, which I love. It's great on hardwood/ tile and carpet, and has a hepa filter. Best vacuum I've ever owned.


Big Bear City CA